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Tattoo Removal

If you have made some questionable decisions and are regretting your tattoos, we have a laser that can help! The tattoo removal process uses a highly effective laser that breaks up the ink in your skin. Each tattoo and person are unique, and results will vary. Schedule a free consultation to see what we can do to help!

Permanent Brows
Member Pricing $79
Permanent Eyeliner
Member Pricing $159
Member Pricing $239

Member Pricing $159
Member Pricing $79
10% off

6 treatments per tattoo

1x1 in.
Postage stamp sized tattoo
2x2 in.
Business card sized tattoo
4x4 in.
Palm sized tattoo
6x6 in.
Tattoo size of two hands

8x8 in.
Sheet of paper sized tattoo
10% off
6 treatments per tattoo
Saline Lift Tattoo Removal



We offer consultations for tattoo removal laser treatments.

Schedule your next appointment or consultation at our Tempe AZ med spa today!

Tattoo removal is never a fun process, however Derrick does an amazing job. He is very Patient, educated, and easy to work with. I have a very large tattoo on my stomach that is being removed. Working with him is a genuine pleasure and I will be coming back to complete my removal. You can trust these people, they genuinely care about you and your wellbeing.

- Mandy G.