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$149per month

Monthly Benefits

    • 20% Off Laser Services
    • 20% Off Skincare Products
    • 15% Off Skincare Services
    • 15% Off Hair Services
    • 10% Off All Filler & Tox*

+ Bonus C02 CoolPeel Laser Facial After 6 Months


Lash Babe

$120per month

Monthly Benefits

    • 10% off all services
    • 10% Discount off all retail products
    • Two Classic lash fills per month

Upgrade to Hybrid + $10 or Volume +$20

Terms & Conditions

$149 will be added to client account for use on products & services

6 month agreement

Cancel fee is 2 months of membership dues

*10% off Filler & Tox excludes Radiesse & Sulptra


Can I pause my membership?

Member cannot pause the Membership during the 6 month agreement period, Their Member Account Credits will be available until Dec. 31 of each year. If they are not under the 6 month agreement period then they may cancel their membership with a full calendar month notice.

Can I access my Member Account Credits to shop/book online?

This feature will be coming soon with our new booking system. currently Member may call and use their Member Account Credits for deposits on services. Currently Member will not be able to order product online with their Account Credits until our new system is finished.

Can I transfer some of my wallet to a friend/ family member?

No transfers of any kind will be available, Member Account Credits will stay with the Member.

How many services can I get per month?

Member may receive as many services as they would like, the Rewards are always available to them.

Will I also get access to monthly specials in addition to my member discount?

Member will have access to monthly specials but cannot combine rewards/discounts.

What happens if I end my membership but still have Account Credits, can I still use my discounts?

A. If Member ends their membership inside of their 6 month agreement, they will be required to pay for 2 months of membership dues that cannot be used toward services or products, and will not have access to any member rewards/discounts, this would be considered a fee for early cancellation of your agreement.


B. If Member ends their membership while they are on a month to month basis we will require a full 30 day calendar month notice. For example: If they cancel on May 15th, they will be required to pay for the full month of June as their notice period, but the money used for June CAN be used for products and services and they will have access to all Rewards/Discounts.

Do the Member Account Credits ever expire?

Yes, at the end of the year on Dec 31 ALL Member Account Credits will be removed and the new year will start fresh, we encourage everyone to make sure they are using all of their member account credits before this time. We will also be contacting all of our members and to the best of our ability make sure they are utilizing all of their credits before this expiration date.

Can I be refunded for any Member Account Credits remaining in my account?

No, All Membership Account Credits must be used for products and services at their home location.