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Aesthetic Injectables

Botox & Dysport

Botox Cosmetic and Dysport are brand name botulinum toxin type A products that are cosmetically used to temporarily reduce facial wrinkles by relaxing targeted muscle groups of the face. It is most commonly used in forehead, between and around the eyes. Once a wrinkle treatment option, this has become a preventative service as well to prevent wrinkles before they form. Results will last approximately 3-4 months.

3 units of Dysport = 1 unit of Botox

Dermal fillers

Dermal fillers are hylauranic acid products that are designed to fill, smooth and soften facial wrinkles and age-related volume loss. Different densities and filler properties make this treatment option versatile for many different areas of the face (lips, cheeks, chin, and facial folds). Results will last 12-24 months depending on product used and treatment area. Consultation strongly recommended before treatment.

1 syringe
$650 - $750

PDO Threads

Consultations required for pricing

PDO (polydioxanone) threads are a new and versatile treatment option to treat sagging, loose skin on the face and body. PDO threads can lift, smooth and tighten skin tissue by tricking the body into making it’s very own collagen. Consultation required prior to scheduling an appointment as treatments are customizable and vary patient to patient. Prices vary dependent on treatment area and treatment outcome goals.



Qwo is a new injectable medication for the treatment of moderate to severe cellulite on the butt and thighs. Qwo dissolves the fibrous collagen bands that create the dimples within the fat tissue. It also helps stimulate collagen production for a smoother-appearing back side. Three series of injections, separated by 3 weeks, are needed for full treatment. This non-surgical option for cellulite has very little down time and while body weight and distribution fluctuate over time, the results of Qwo are usually permanent. A consultation is required prior to scheduling to ensure you are a candidate for this treatment.

Qwo Treatment
$600 - $1300


Botox & Dysport Tempe AZ
How much Botox will I need?

Botox average for forehead is 10-15 units, crows feet 9-12 units, and between the eyebrows about 15-20.

How much filler will I need?

To give an idea of how far a vial of filler will go…it can fill 1 set of lips, OR 1 cheek, 1 set of deep marionette lines with a little left over.





We offer consultations for our Aesthetic Injectables treatments.

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Katie is so sweet and extremely knowledgeable about injections. I love Botox although I still want some movement. Katie hit the nose on the head first time. I am so thankful to have someone I truly trust.

- Meghan O.