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The Science Behind Professional Products

The Science Behind Professional Products

The good, The bad & The Ugly

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Ok, let’s just jump into this controversial topic! We have all been there standing in a never-ending aisle of skin care products, you want to make an educated purchase but you didn’t go to school for this, so you grab the box that lists your skin concerns, BONUS your favorite celebrity uses it also! You bring it home and it smells great but leaves your skin the same or worse! So you go back and start over again grabbing the next pretty bottle, and the same thing happens! WHAT GIVES!


Why does your skin professional want you on medical-grade products instead of your favorite celebrity-endorsed product or what you always buy when you go to the grocery store??

The simple answer: ingredient integrity

Medical-grade professional products are made with high-quality, stable ingredients. They are made to mimic our skin’s natural complex. They are made in a way our skin recognizes and accepts, therefore less irritation and more results. The molecular size is small enough to actually penetrate the cellular structure of our skin, making a change deep in the skin. EX: you buy a new serum, you apply it and it leaves you filling sticky, doesn’t absorb, or actually makes your skin more oil/dry. That’s because the molecules of the product are too big for your skin to absorb!! Which is a pretty big part of how we make positive changes within the skin.

Next, would be sustainability. High-quality, medical-grade ingredients will not break down or lose their effectiveness once the bottle is opened. Anything less than medical grade WILL either break down as soon as it is exposed to water, air, or light. Plus your “cheaper” products are filled with so many preservatives to help keep their integrity, your skin is getting loaded with a bunch of nonsense filler, not the good stuff!

Now I could go on and on about this topic, but let’s make sure to also cover costs. Most think that medical grade is too far out of their Beauty budget. I challenge you to try a store-bought serum vs. your esthetician’s recommendation and see what bottle ( when used properly) will last you the longest. High-quality ingredients go a long way, so very little is needed at a time. Plus some of your lesser quality products are the same price if not MORE than a higher quality one. A higher price doesn’t always equal higher quality. That’s why it’s important to be educated about each product before purchasing. Skincare has come so far since your mom’s MaryKay days. This also reminds me your MLM skin care products THAT AIN’T IT SIS!

Your skin deserves quality! Treat your skin with love now and your future self will thank you. If you are spending the money either way, let’s make healthier skin choices. Still not sure where to start? Let’s set up a skincare consultation if one of our highly skilled skincare technicians & get you on the right path with your skin journey.