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Guuurl, Go Wash Your Face!

Guuurl, Go Wash Your Face!

Let’s talk proper face washing. I don’t know why I haven’t thought to talk more about this before. It’s so simple, yet so complicated for some!

We have access to so many types of facial washes, but I want to talk more about HOW to wash your face.

Proper Face Washing

First: removing your makeup IS NOT WASHING YOUR FACE. So let’s start by discussing double cleaning. Use a makeup remover first, I personally have big heart eyes for PCA SKIN Daily Cleansing Oil. It gently removes all your makeup without drying your skin. It also smells like what I hope heaven smells like. Use this product using your hands, in a circular motion for 60 seconds all over, even eye makeup. Rinse with water.

Second: Wash your face with an appropriate facial wash. Again, this can be done with your fingers or a silicone cleansing brush. More importantly: wash for at least 60 seconds, count in your head so you ensure you actually wash that long! It’s going to feel like treadmill seconds (longest minute ever!) I’m so impatient that if I don’t count I will barely work up suds.

Remember, your cleansers are specifically designed to treat your skin and its conditions. So we want to give plenty of time to let all of those active ingredients work their magic. Plus, an extra bonus is all the beautiful circulation you are creating in your skin by massaging and rubbing for so long.

Watch your skin get cleaner and brighter just by using a product correctly that you already use every day already!