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Fall Into Beauty This Season!

Fall Into Beauty This Season!

Fall Into Beauty This Season!

The cooler months are finally arriving and it’s the perfect time to get your skin ready for the holidays. Summer can be very damaging to our skin, especially in our harsh Arizona sun! Time spent at the lake, drinks enjoyed by the pool and constant sweating takes its toll on our skin.

Of course, we all know the importance of a good SPF, but how many of us are using one consistently? Most likely you are not reapplying every 80 minutes, seeking shade and hydrating like you should. So, your skin may now be showing the signs of your hot girl summer. Brown spots, ruddy undertones, and dry flakey skin! So, what can we do to get you glowing again? Most importantly we need a very solid at home skin routine that will help fix your barrier function, give your skin the hydration it needs and starts to get your skin healthy enough to start more aggressive in office treatments such as chemical peels, IPL’s & Co2 laser resurfacing.

We always recommend starting with a detailed (and free!) consultation with one of our skilled skin care experts. We start your consultation by taking pictures of your skin with our Visia Skin Analysis machine, this will show us deep into your skin so we can safely treat your skin and get you on the correct treatment path. We will start by talking about your at home routine and helping you make adjustments if needed. Remember, you can treat your skin up to 60 times per month at home, so we want to make sure the products you are using are working toward your goals! Next, we will make treatment recommendations based off your desired results, the downtime you can afford to have and your beauty budget. We have something for everyone, so we want to make sure (in all ways) you are comfortable with what we have designed for you.

Chemical peels are a great place to start your journey, especially if you are newer to professional skin care procedures. Peels help with all skin issues including: pigment, acne, hydration, anti-aging, rosacea and more! With minimal downtime, this quick in office treatment is a fan favorite!

IPL- Is a staff favorite! This laser facial helps with pigment, LIKE A BOSS! Although a laser facial sounds scary, its quite comfortable with minimal downtime. IPL targets brows and reds in the skin caused by sun exposure. Your skin will feel slightly warm after and you may see what looks like “coffee grounds” on the skin. This is your sun spots coming to surface, in a few days they will start to fall off and brighter more even skin will be revealed. Typically done 4 weeks apart for a total of 3 treatments.

Co2 or CoolPeel is the BIG DADDY of laser facial resurfacing. This treatment does it all. Although its more aggressive and can require 7-10 days of “social” downtime, it is worth it! These treatments will help deep acne scars, smooth deep lines around the eyes and mouth, tighten pores, clear stubborn pigment, turn back the clock on your aging skin & restore a youthful glow. Number of treatments and aggressiveness of the treatment will be discussed at a consultation. This laser is completely customizable for all skin issues and types. Prepping the skin before hand is a must to a smooth recovery.

Whether you are an experienced facial consumer or just starting your skin care journey we are here to help guide you along to the best skin of your life!