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CoolPeel Co2 Laser Facial

CoolPeel Co2 Laser Facial

CoolPeel Co2

Co2 laser resurfacing is a one of a kind skin transformation. In need of anti aging? Acne scar removal? Lighten discoloration? Brighten dull skin? Prevent future skin damage? Tighten pores?

Co2 treatments are the gold standard in laser facials. We are absolutely obsessed with it, can you tell??

So what makes it so unique? This magical wand is extremely customizable for all skin needs, social downtimes and budgets. We are able to treat aggressive for those who have deep set lines around the eyes and mouth. Or more superficial to give a glow you didn’t even know was possible.

Here’s what you can expect from a treatment; We will bring you in and do a detailed skin analysis using our state of the art device, Visia. Once we have a clear picture of the health of your skin we will give you a thorough consultation to make sure come up with YOUR perfect treatment plan. If we choose to start with Co2 we most likely will have you start a skin care pre treatment skin care product system to use at home to prep your skin for a faster & safer recovery.

On treatment day we will take before picture’s, numb you and clean your face. Co2 is a mighty procedure but only take a few minutes to perform!

You will feel warm, like a mild sunburn after your treatment for up to 48 hours. Redness and mild swelling can occur and will vary, depending on the aggressiveness of your treatment and your body’s ability to heal quickly. Your skin will feel rough like “sandpaper” and tight for 1-3 days post treatment. Most people feel back to normal and back to their normal routines within a few days. More aggressive treatments may be 1-2 weeks of social downtime ( don’t plan a wedding a week after treatment ?)

Your skin will transform right in front of your eyes but will continue to brighten and tighten over the next 90 days, as collagen and elastin continue to reform.

We would love to help you achieve the skin of your dreams. Book a free consultation today!