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Baby, it’s cold outside

Baby, it’s cold outside

Baby, it’s cold outside

Winter Skin got you feeling dull and drab?? Here are a few quick tips to turn your skin around and get you glowing again!

With colder months upon us, we tend to be surrounded by heaters. Space heaters at work. Heaters in your car. Hot showers. Heated home. And so on. Combat all this warm, dry air with a humidifier in your room while you sleep. The moisture in the air will start to help regain your skin’s natural moisture!

We all love a hot shower in the winter but be aware the hot water and steam are dehydrating your skin (and hair) quickly! Start by cooling the water a little and immediately lather up in your favorite nourishing body lotions or oils after you get out of the shower. If your hair feels dryer also, it will appreciate the cooler temps, you may also need to switch your hair products to something more moisturizing.

Remember your skin needs may be changing, so don’t be afraid to change things up a bit! Switching to a more creamy cleanser with less “bubbles” can make a big difference in the skin. Applying a thicker nighttime moisturizer during winter months compared to summer months can be very soothing on dry chapped skin. Lastly, pull back on some of your more harsh facial scrubs, this may be causing you to dry your skin out more than you think!

Let’s soothe and protect your body’s largest organ, and show it some extra love in the winter to help preserve your body’s natural oils.

Lastly, winter brings with it holiday treats and drinks galore! Try to up your water intake and reduce your sugar consumption. We are what we eat, so make healthier choices when possible.