Using a manual method to fill in your brows, Microblading is considered semi-permanent and may fade away around 18 months – 2 years following application. Microblading is done in hair strokes and has typically thinner lines providing a more natural, no-makeup look.


Initial Procedure


(includes one touch-up 3-8 weeks following your first appointment)

Touch Up 3-8 Weeks

Included with Initial Procedure

Touch Up 2-18 Months


Touch Up 18 Months +

$400 (Considered New)


Additional Information

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a Semi-Permanent “Hand” method of traditional permanent cosmetics for your brows that creates very fine, natural looking hair strokes. Microblading is perfect for those looking for more fullness in their brows, adding to areas where the hair is missing, or just creating the perfect shape to wake up to every morning.

What is included in the cost of Permanent Cosmetics and Microblading?

In the Permanent Cosmetic industry there is a lot of confusion about why prices vary so much from Salon to Salon and Technician to Technician. Depending on where you live, prices can range from $250 to $1,500 per procedure. With this in mind, women spend between $150 and $2,000 a year on makeup and maintenance for their brows.

Very Important:

If you have seen prices on Facebook, Instagram, etc. boasting $100-$150 price tags, understand that the majority of these are not including the touch-up price or they don’t plan on doing a touch-up at all. A lot of them are doing these procedures from their home, or other unfit and unsanitary environment that could dramatically raise your risk of infection. Other factors are, they are not experienced in design, color theory, or proper application and can cause major problems including tremendous pain, migration of color, depth issues, and even severe infection.

I will try to break this down so you can better understand what you are getting with the cost involved.

  1. Consultation:
    The first consultation is free, to answer any questions you have and to make you
    feel comfortable in the decision that you are making. We want to make sure you are a candidate for the procedure as well and ensuring that we can perform the right custom procedure for you.
  2. Second Consultation:
    When you come in for you first appointment, we will sit with you again to
    walk you through the process, let you know what to expect, and answer any other questions that may have come up, or if you did not have an initial consultation we will answer the remainder of your questions here.
  3. Design Appointment:
    After your numbing in complete we will start with your design appointment. Most women that come to us have been doing their brows one way for their whole lives, not realizing that they are doing it wrong. They are not complimenting their face shape or considering thickness, color, length or arch. During this part of your appointment we are using our expertise to show you brow shapes that compliment your face shape and taking in to account all the above.
  4. Custom Color:
    If we determine that a single color from the manufacturer will not work just right
    for your skin tone, hair color, etc. then we will custom mix a color just for you. This is done through our years of experience and expertise in color theory.
  5. Experienced Technicians:
    Between the two Technicians at Allure: Infinite Beauty, we have a combined 36+ years of experience in Permanent Cosmetics and Microblading. We have the training and the expertise to design, choose the right pigment, and professionally apply your brows with fine, proficient hair strokes.
  6. Touch up included:
    Your follow up touch-up in included the initial price you pay. Most salons will offer a cheaper price for the first appointment and then charge for the follow up touch-up.
  7. Aftercare:
    When your appointment is complete you will be leaving with a packet of aftercare instructions as well as your own A&D Ointment and an Ice Pack if needed. You will always be encouraged to call us at any time if there are questions or concerns about your procedure and aftercare.

Given all the information above there are also the supplies needed for your procedure, and for your comfort, both on the initial appointment and on the included touch-up.

  • Topical numbing cream
  • Epinephrine / Lidocaine numbing solution
  • Various “blades” and needles
  • Sterilization and packaging of tools being used.
  • Cotton swabs, paper towels, and soaps.
  • Pigment / Ink, and glycerin
  • Latex and/or nitrile gloves
  • Clean pillow and table covers
  • Technicians time, experience and expertise

Hopefully this gives a better idea of why permanent cosmetics and microblading carry the price-tag that they do. Given the product and time we believe we have a very fair price point.

How Long Does Microblading Last?

There are a lot of factors that play a role in the longevity of your Microbladed Brows.

  1. Skin type: Oily / Dry / Etc.
  2. Aftercare: Taking care of your Brows after the procedure is the most crucial part.
  3. Lifestyle: Sweat, exfoliation, tanning, etc. these will all be factors on how long it will last

Remember that everyone is different, so depending on where you fall with these factors, your Microbladed Brows should last anywhere from 12-24 months before slowly fading out. We recommend touch ups every 12 months to keep them looking fresh and new.

Does Microblading Hurt?

Any procedure of this type is going to come with a little pain. I will tell you to choose your technician carefully, someone who has not been properly trained can cause tremendous pain, and future discomfort from their inexperience. A lot depends on your skin sensitivity, your pre-care, and other lifestyle factors. I have had clients from all ranges, some say it doesn’t hurt at all, while others grip stress balls to get through it.

Your comfort is something we take seriously and will do whatever needed in order to maintain it. We apply 2 different types of numbing solutions to the Brow area. The first is a numbing cream applied to the Brow area and left for 15 minutes to ensure full reception into the top layer of skin. After the first “pass” is made, we apply a second numbing solution that enters the exfoliated areas of the Brow and numbs the area almost entirely.

Most clients that have been asked have rated the pain level at 4 out of 10 on the first “pass” and 2 out of 10 for the remainder of the application.

How Does Microblading Work?

Your experienced and knowledgeable technician will choose the “blades” (a small row of Micro needles) that will best fit the coarseness of your hair, the look desired and the procedure taken to achieve the result you want. The pigment is then deposited by hand method just below the epidermis in tiny hair stroke patterns, following the natural growth of your hair. When the procedure is complete your skin will need to heal over the micro “cuts” that the pigment is sitting in which is why proper aftercare is so important.

How Long Does the Procedure Take?

From start to finish you should plan on around 1.5 to 2 hours for an appointment. When you come in there will be paperwork to fill out as well as a design appointment during this time. We will spend most of your time here drawing custom brows according to face shape, noted expressions, and personal preference. You will approve every aspect of the shape before we start the procedure. The “blading” portion of the procedure usually only takes about 30 minutes.

How Do I Prepare for my Microblading Procedure?

Preparing for your procedure is not as crucial as aftercare but here are a few tips in order to improve your experience.

  • Do not work out on the day of the procedure
  • Do not drink too much coffee or caffeine on the day of the procedure
  • Do not tan or sunburn for one week prior to procedure
  • Do not take aspirin, niacin, vitamin E or ibuprofen 24 hours before procedure
  • No alcohol the night prior or on the day of procedure
  • Any waxing or tinting of the brows should be done 3 days prior
  • No Botox for 4 weeks prior to the procedure
  • It is best to do a scrub 3 days prior to the procedure
  • Stop using any Retin-A or AHA products for 2 weeks prior to the procedure
  • No lasers or chemical peels for 1 month prior to the procedure
  • No microdermabrasion or dermaplaning for 2 weeks prior

What Can I Expect During my Appointment?

Every Technician will have their own methods, these are mine based on my last 6 years and also apprenticing under a 30+ year veteran in the industry.

  1. You will fill out paperwork with various medical history and personal information to ensure there is nothing missed and that you are an appropriate candidate for your procedure.
  2. I will take you back to where the procedure is taking place and talk with you for 5-10 minutes,answering any questions you might have and consult with you on what we will be doing. I want to make sure you are put at ease and completely understand the expectations both ways. Your comfort in this procedure is a very high priority to me.
  3. If you agree, there will be “Before” pictures taken of your eyes and brows as they are before your procedure.
  4. I will clean the Brow area and apply a topical numbing cream, which will sit for 15 minutes. During this time we will be going over color options and more than likely mixing a custom color based on your skin type, pigment, hair color, etc. I will choose what “blades” are necessary for the procedure and assemble at this time, you are free to watch, seeing how sterile the process is or you may lay down and relax while the numbing cream is doing its job.
  5. I will then remove the numbing cream and you will sit up on the table. I will take the next 10-30 minutes measuring, and drawing on your custom brow shape according to your specific face shape, and personal preference. You will be a large part of this process, this is your face! During the drawing phase I will be consulting with you on length, thickness, arch, roll, etc. I want to make sure it is exactly what you desire in a brow shape before we continue.
  6. Once we have achieved at brow shape desired, you will lay down and relax. I will start the “blading” procedure and let you know every step of the way what I am doing and when I am doing it. You are free to ask questions during this entire procedure.
  7. After the first pass, putting pigment in key areas, a second numbing solution will be added to your brow area for deeper penetration and even better numbing! I will also be sitting you up to take another measurement and look at your brows to ensure, with gravity, that we are still exactly where we need to be.
  8. We will continue adding fine, natural hair strokes until the desired fullness and shape of brow is complete.
  9. Once your procedure is complete I will take a set of “After” photos, and then apply a thin layer of A&D Ointment to the area. You will be given a folder of aftercare instructions, and a packet of Ointment to take home. As with every procedure we do at Allure: Infinite Beauty, we want to make sure you are at ease with us, please call us with any questions post-care or otherwise.

A note to remember: Your touch up is included in the price of appointment. You will need to come back 3-6 weeks after your initial appointment to touch up any areas that may have lost ink, color appropriation, and to make sure the brows are “finished”.  Everyone’s skin will heal a little differently and depending on your post-care, we may need to add, darken, or lighten areas that were mistreated (on rare occasions).

What is the After Procedure Care?

Here is a list of the most common things to avoid after your procedure. These should be followed for at least the first 5-7 days. Remember, even if something goes wrong or you lose a little pigment during healing, there isn’t anything that we cannot fix on the follow up touch up appointment, so don’t freak out!

  • Avoid Increased sweating, practicing sports, swimming, hot sauna, hot bath or jacuzzi, sun tanning or salon tanning.
  • Avoid laser or chemical treatments or peelings, and/or any creams containing Retin-A or Glycol Acid on the face or neck.
  • Avoid picking or scratching the brow area, you will have some flaking skin during the healing process, this skin can be lightly brushed, but if it does not come off, DO NOT pull or pick at it. This could cause loss of pigment, or even scabbing and scarring is some cases.
  • Drinking alcohol in excess can slow down the healing process and cause undue swelling in the treated area.
  • Driving in open air vehicles such as a convertible, boat, motorcycle can cause excess debris to violently strike the treated area, possibly causing erosion of the pigment or infection if left unclean.
  • Avoid touching the treated area. This is technically an open wound until it is healed, the more you touch the area with unclean hands, the more prone to infection you will be. You can use a clean finger or Q-tip to apply the aftercare ointment very lightly.
  • Before showering apply a layer of post-care cream to protect your eyebrows from moisture. During the shower keep your face away from the shower head. Direct pressure on the brow area may cause loss of pigment.

A note to remember: If you follow your common sense and treat the area as if it were a healing wound you should not run into any problems. Please feel free to call us if you have any further questions during your aftercare.

What Can I Expect During the Healing Procedure?

The entire healing process for Microblading will take on average 1-2 weeks. There are a few phases to keep note of:

1-2 days – your brows will appear dark and the lines will have a ridged look to them.

2-5 days – your brows will appear to fade, this is hardened skin healing over the top of the treated area. Do not worry, this will pass.

5-7 days – At this point you can stop using the ointment if you haven’t already, you should see some flaking skin as well. Your brows are healed for the most part, you don’t have to be overly cautious about ruining anything.

7-10 days – You should start seeing the color come back fully but at a lighter color than before (about 1 shade lighter than the initial application), It will take about 2 weeks to achieve the healed color that is going to remain.

10-14 days – At this point you should be fully healed with only some people feeling some slight tenderness to the area. If you are seeing any redness or a “halo” of pale skin and redness please call us as this may mean that it has become infected. (In 6 years I have NEVER had anyone become infected). Also, keep in mind that this timetable will be different for everyone, but is a good baseline to understand your healing process.

As always, please call if you have any questions.

Amazing Microblading Experience

I had an amazing experience with my microblading done by Derrick Roe at Allure!! He was professional and thorough in deciding how to best shape my brows and choose the right color. I felt comfortable letting him use his knowledge as to what would look best for my brows and I’m very happy with my brows now!! Highly recommend!!

-Rebecca Anne

Best Beauty Decision I've Ever Made!!

I have been coming here for over ten years for hair removal and skin care and last year I took the plunge and got my eyebrows microbladed by Derrick… best beauty decision I’ve ever made!! I get complimented on them several times a week!

-Devree Tayler Bland

I Absolutely LOVE My Microbladed Brows

Derrick did microblading for me and I absolutely LOVE them! I didn’t realize how bad my brows were until Derrick fixed me up. I definitely recommend allure for all your pampering needs! I live way out in Buckeye and it’s totally worth the drive!

-Nicole Schnepf Shetler

Absolutely in love with my new brows!

Absolutely in love with my new brows! Derrick Roe did an amazing job. He made the microblading process so comfortable, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Allure is my #1 stop for all my beauty needs!!!

-Fanisha Vela